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Sunday March 11th 2012    Tim Candler

        Of the great mysteries, there is "Bluetooth."  When I first read it I saw "Blue Tooth" and reckoned it belonged to some pointless gadgetry designed to further the well being of the wealthy.  Along the aisles and aisles of similar esteem maintenance, which I will try not to call "crap" because I have a table top full of  "useful things,"  it occurred to me that somewhere, someone decided upon the name "Bluetooth" and maybe had reason.

       I saw the committee room, a bright young spotty thing, his or her enthusiasm well-bounded in that obnoxious way, standing there before the old farts, who hopefully like me thought "Bluetooth" a good name for a pirate.  But I guess if our children share the same name as baby goats then "Bluetooth" could be something else as well.   Quite what "Bluetooth"  does or is I have no idea, and I guess the question is, should I.

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