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Thursday March 15th 2012    Tim Candler

        I'll call today, Forsythia Day.  It's yellow, and I remember well some years ago, how the fashionable liked to put Forsythia in the same category as  things like giant satellite dishes.  It was reckoned common, I guess.  And I remember the bright eyes of one particular customer, showing me a plant catalogue that contained a picture of a white Forsythia and a white Redbud, both of which she believed only proper for the flavor of her garden.

       Bloom is a relationship with pollinators.  Creatures that fly or crawl, and many of them bite.  Some say the color we see as yellow,  insects see as a blue.  And it is a true thing, that of those blooms that have been hybridized to meet the needs of the fashion market, insects have found them increasingly confusing. What we see as a blue flower, insects can hardly see at all, which is why so many blue flowers when they are pollen rich, cleverly hint at purple. Vipers Bugloss is my favorite of these, and for them, we have to wait for Summer.

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