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Friday March 16th 2012    Tim Candler

        In 2010, March 28th was Forsythia Day.  In 2011, March 22nd was Forsythia Day.  Before these dates, notes are in pencil, so not to be trusted. This year, however, Forsythia Day was yesterday, March 15th.  But, yesterday might also have been called Bumble Borer Sighting Day.  And typical of them to wake to the warmth, then  bumble around following the person in sensible shoes, just in case something that also bumbles around knows what's going on.

       It's possible too,  that yesterday could have been called Doodlebug Day, because the little patch of Doodlebug that faces the morning sun sprang into busyness. It was sometime in the afternoon.  Cleaning out I guess, getting ready for Ant.  And  the white feather is back, in the barn, on the dust, by the mowing machine. Exactly the same place as it always is.  If the past has anything to say, then in the next couple of days there could be more of them, which is a something I find so very sinister.

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