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Saturday March 17th 2012    Tim Candler

        There will be no planting of Potato.  If this place was five hundred miles north, then maybe. And I could say, it's the hot summer, which might suggest Potato do not grow well here. But the truer reason for no Potato this year, lies in the problem of Potato storage.  We'd need a cave to keep them in.  Somewhere airy and dry that meets a temperature standard for wearing an overcoat and long trousers.

       But there is a relative of Morning Glory, that matches the criteria.  When it is time to harvest Sweet Potato, the ground has already seen frost. So  the little darlings have many a suitable place to stay all the way through the winter until Springtime, which by mathematical calculation apparently begins March 20th.  Meanwhile, there'll be Eggplant for Colorado Beetle this June.

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