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Monday March 19th 2012    Tim Candler

        Turkey calls are hard to describe.  There are probably five or six distinct sounds a Turkey can make. Sometimes for me, a word once put in place, tells of an impression, and it is this impression that lasts to the point of dominating.  Which is why I try to get away from a description of Turkey calls as coming from one who is either exasperated or nervous or worried.

       The calls include a "clip-clip" which may be followed by a "gobble."  When there is thunder in the sky it's the "gobble" you mostly hear.  As well , they can "hiss" for irritation and they can "whisper" for comfort. Then when it's serious business a Turkey "clucks."  It's this "cluck" that has most meaning, and it's this "cluck" hunters try to copy.

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