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Tuesday March 20th 2012    Tim Candler

        It's interesting to be called an "Associate."  I have never seen myself as one.  And it can wander on into a nuptial of words that soon lose all meaning as idea joins a realm of pure pretend, which I suppose is called "feelings." Then I become  the "Associate Assistant to The Associate's Assistant." Or AAAA for short.  But I have always been proud to be called "Labor," so long as I'm not called "The Help."

       The word "Associate" is from the Latin for "companion."  Not quite the "Man Himself," or "The I Part." Rather one who is "nearly equal," or "almost there." "Concomitant" I guess or "want to be."  Of course if I were cynical and bitten by an anti-social nature my definition would include the words "first to fall."  Which is something Labor knows all about.

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