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Friday March 30th 2012    Tim Candler

         March should have been chilly and wet.  Instead we have had just the one rather pathetic Potato Rain, a couple of severe weather outbreaks, that included tornado which destroyed a town some distance to the north and sent mountains of perfectly good topsoil toward the Mississippi River.  Otherwise, ever since faulty wiring was blamed for faster than light neutrinos, it has been ominously warm and increasingly Tick laden. 

       Ticks are Arachnids, and so are Scorpions and Spiders.  Amongst Arachnids on the endangered species list, the Katipo, the Spruce Fir Moss and the Great Raft are all Spiders.  But Eaton's Beggartick, is an endangered member of the Aster family that lives in parts of Massachusetts and on into Canada.  Incidentally, Pussytoes and the Arkansas Dozedaisy are also members of the Aster Family, but they apparently are goodly enough to be nursed.

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