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Saturday March 31st 2012    Tim Candler

         It was sometime in the late nineteen seventies that Richard Dawkins published the "Selfish Gene."  Back then I could read without glasses and probably I had gainful employment in the Milk Delivery Industry.  Dawkins work pursued an idea that the closer a person was genetically to another, the more likely they were to behave selflessly toward each other. That way a particular genetic pattern was more likely to produce more of the same.  An idea in keeping with an understanding of evolution and the mechanized  struggle to continue a trend, however horrible or unattractive that trend might be.

       A somewhat tragic conclusion, but one which struck the chord our species has struggled with since first we came to an understanding that either we live together to survive, or kill each other to survive.  Since history first was written this understanding has yet to achieve conclusion, which is why so many decide the simpler answer is for earth to belong to the strongest or biggest or wisest or gentlest or whatever other superlative language might have to offer. Which I begin to think is the reason I so venomously dislike the advertizing industry.

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