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Saturday March 3rd 2012    Tim Candler

        A time comes when a person is obliged to move to their Safe Place.  Not an easy decision to make, because for some of us the Safe Place is also home to creatures that are not fond of daylight, who prefer damp conditions and maybe have beady eyes and whiskers, or a skin type that includes scales.  And I thought certainly there would be insects with more than six legs in there.

       The Artist wore her mask to combat the bloom of fungus and whatever that thing is that means soil needs lime.  We had water, a wind-up radio that did not work, lip gloss, a tin of Sardines, and most interesting not a single spider, or even a spider web.  It's the Carolina Wren, I guess, busy about the business of feeding through winter, finding those morsels that maintain essential body weight. 

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