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Friday March 9th 2012    Tim Candler

        This month of March there are anniversaries that include sadness.  Yet this month of March is a time of seasonal movement.  The North retreats and the South advances.  Here where I live Forsythia is deep in thought and soon it will bloom.  Great yellow clouds and the grass beautifully greening.  And there will be Dandelion and sprout of Thistle that clings flat to the ground in what I guess is an attempt at innocence.

       Hard to get away from Hoppy Bug and the Bean Beetle when Dove flat foot across the seed beds looking for vitamins.  They are in love at this time of year, their little hearts squashed by an evening coo and a plump of feathers against morning frost. I'll tell you this, alive is a moment that comes when the body is strong, the lungs clear and winter almost beaten.

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