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Sunday May 13th 2012    Tim Candler

      Somehow I have convinced myself that pretty soon now, no rain will fall until maybe November.  And this conviction holds such sway that yesterday after work, even though the sky was grey with large rain clouds, that smell of it in the forecast,  I wrestled hose pipes round the Vegetable Garden plants in a manner which I will not do again because I realize I am really far too impatient to go near a hose pipe after about nine thirty in the morning.

       When I got home this evening, I gave the rain gauge a glare, and I got my socks and work shoes wet walking through puddles  to give it closer inspection. The large red tiddlywink that is supposed to float on top of the rising tide was stuck firmly at zero precipitation. And for a moment I felt pretty damned pleased with myself.  But, actually, if I include last night's mental patient watering, the vegetable Garden probably got about three inches of rain.

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