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Sunday May 20th 2012    Tim Candler

    Nietzsche - and I am going to start calling him Fred because his name is so difficult to spell - was a man who thought this way.  If belief in God no longer ruled the minds of us people, then something else had to.  He reckoned that without something like God, there was a nihilism within society, a dogged negativity, out of which no good could come.  When Fred tried to decide how to replace God, he basically suggested, that if we people were to take God's place then we people would have to become very special indeed.  His Zoroaster, or his superman, has caused confusion, or perhaps more generously has struggled with interpretation, and most certainly Fred had an ability to piss the faithful off.

    I will say, that even though the free market, or capitalism, has probably never existed, it is in the end more like god, than it is like man.  It too has the invisible hand that determines use of  our earth, decides and offers reward for correct behavior, disciplines the poorly motivated. Those who believe in it understand it as the sole alternative to other possibilities, and most especially a much better alternative to us people coming together in a search for reasonableness. And too, the nice thing about both God and Capitalism, once they are believed in, no more is required from imagination, because the future is no longer a burden to thinking.  But one of the other minds I have admired - and I'll call him Ludwig because his surname too is difficult to spell - reckoned that when all thoughts were thought, all questions answered, nothing much will have been accomplished.

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