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Tuesday May 22nd 2012    Tim Candler

    June twenty first this year is on a Thursday, thank goodness.  And I say thank goodness because it means I will not have to explain to those who have me gainfully employed at the Fulfillment Center that I wish to have the day off.  The event occurs this year here in Kentucky a little after seven in the evening, I think.  Which is nice because the long shades will dominate and Mosquito will not quite be awake.

    Strictly speaking I would not need the whole day off, and some bright spark in Human Resources might point this out.  Which means in order to get the whole day off,  I could  try to present my case for the solemn nature of Summer Solstice.  And it's a strange thing, but  I have found that mumbo jumbo generally does not turn out well for those who petition fulfillment centers.  So to get the day off I'd probably have to bury yet one more very close relative.

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