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Friday May 25th 2012    Tim Candler

    Trade talks between those of our feathered friends who eat Wheat Seeds are almost at a stand still.  The family of mice that occupy the outdoor stove, and who are teaching their children to stare at me in that adoring manner, also eat Wheat Seeds.  So it's probably best not to mention the Garden Rabbit, who can waddle into the raised bed where Wheat is trying to ripen and he can completely disappear.  He must know of a portal into a another dimension, which would explain how he actually gets into the Garden.

     Indigo Bunting flash blue on the periphery of eyesight, and straight away they are in the distance. Their blue is a trick of the light, just like the sky their feathers have no blue pigment, so at night they are the color of night, I guess.  They come home for the summer, travelling through the dark, they use stars to plot their course. And when they are here, they are always very, very busy, and often bad tempered.  I can remember waiting for hours to see one at rest, and I remember coming to the conclusion I probably never would.  But that was before Wheat grew in the Vegetable Garden. 

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