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Monday May 28th 2012    Tim Candler

    Utterances today will include the word "Hero," or perhaps "Warrior," or "Collateral," or some other sense of righteousness.  But probably not "Children", or "Babies," or "the screams of the dying," or "Paraplegic."   Or men and women, young and old from places that are not designated 'Ours.'  I guess if you are going to kill someone, better first to be persuaded they do not deserve to live, have no rights in court.  Then maintain such a belief, or have it installed by a political class, so that grief  from actual killing never has its chance to dominate the day to day, send it spiraling deep into an understanding of being alive as a most pointless and futile exercise.  Which is a neurosis, I am told, or certainly some kind of sickness.

     So to celebrate a Happy Memorial Day, and the millions and millions of dead, probably worth answering the question "why?" by going shopping, or making the most of "Free Shipping," or taking to the roads on well manicured motor cycles so that others might be blamed, or cooking hunks of meat drenched in barbeque sauce, in the outdoors, and for the lucky, eaten with very large quantities of beer.  All of which are things the dead cannot do.  But it's lemonade or soda pop for the kiddies as they watch the soldiers march, and wreaths on the grave.  "You'll have your war, son."  It's the way of life I guess, and how clever we are to have made killing so worthwhile.

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