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Saturday May 5th 2012    Tim Candler

       Good of the moon to oblige on the anniversary. Have to admit I almost forgot. Nor am I prepared to say what the anniversary is, because it was so long ago. Then I saw that Today is Free Comic Book Day.  Book stores that sell comic books all around the world are giving away comic books.  As well, today is Clean Your Hands Day, their very limp motto,  'clean care is safer care.' The Boston 5K obstacle course, which is held both today and tomorrow because it's such fun,  had a full compliment of Zombies, though this year the number of registered runners was probably down.  And certainly a beating heart bleeds for the world.

       The event of May 5th, 1862 in Puebla, was a brief respite for Mexican patriots. France wanted land and one year later they routed the militia, installed the Dictator Maximilian in Mexico City. Then after the American Civil War, with the connivance of Yankees the Second Empire was gone and Maximilian was executed by firing squad.  I am told that before they shot him, he'd given his executioners gold and he begged them not to shoot him in the head, so that his mother could see his face whole when she buried him.  Any Gardener who has spent afternoons in the long shade of wonderful trees, should know this.

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