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Sunday May 6th 2012    Tim Candler

       Occasionally a person feels political.  Ultimately I guess it's a foot stamping. But before it gets to that point there is the redress of discussion.  Men and women gathering in ornamental spaces, where there are rules. Then someone like Chaka Zulu comes along, he invents a new spear, dispenses with all the formalities and ritual of battle, sends his men to killing, and history calls him a nation builder.

       When I first went to school I developed a tremendous respect for Chaka Zulu. It must have been some book I read. And in those days I wanted to be an Ateso Warrior. I'd impress myself in dreams with the number of cattle I had stolen. I'd lead raids deep into the Karamojong, and of course I was about six foot seven. Then in the morning, I'd sit at the breakfast table with other little white boys, watch the Head Master spread butter on his toast.

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