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Wednesday May 9th 2012    Tim Candler

       I like the expression 'Court of Authentic.'  What it might mean drifts a little, but more interesting is the extent to which The Court has rules written into structures, like equilateral triangles, or circles, or squares, that will never change in any fundamental way and which may even exist.  While I'd rather not be a person who possesses the necessary arrogance to even begin to dissect what those rules and their relationship with existence might be, I would like to think I am able to look through time and make an observation or two which might hint at 'hope' being something other than a constantly empty vessel into which the tears of the world are poured when there is not enough money to buy stuff, or go to college, or whatever it is that requires an increase of increase, or increasable-ness .

       Of these observations, one of them would concern itself with that better registered noun, fashionableness.  And here, I'd argue, that if someone were courageous enough to turn up to work on Saturday dressed in a pink tutu and correct footwear, saunter through the break room, clock on at his post, then add a smile to his face, odds are he would be asked to go home.  Not because a tutu is unsafe near conveyor belts, nor because pink can look odd on so many men, rather because a man dressed in a pink tutu at work would just be too weird.  Immediate superiors would of course be very polite, all of them have been through diversity training,  and I remember a time when they had not.  Maggots like me, however, would still snigger after the traditional manner, and if such an event did occur we could finally take home stories others might be interested in. 

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