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Tuesday November 13th 2012    Tim Candler

     On this day, followers of Jainism recall the advent of Lord Mahavari, by illuminating their living room with lights.  And on this day, round where I live, illumination of consumption gains pace through the measurement of consumption of consumer goods.  Near The North American Thanksgiving this illumination becomes increasingly critical to those who work in often bland spaces, which are kept clean and polished by lower wage earning men and women, who are either "salt of the earth" or "pond scum" depending upon political persuasion.   There's an instantaneous communication between a cash register, far away in some forgotten corner of the empire, and accumulating data on a computer screen. 

    Upstairs somewhere, in a space well lit probably by windows, there are minds that also belong to either "salt of the earth," or "pond scum " depending upon political persuasion.  These minds will also be just that little bit tense, because in the days ahead,  reputations, holiday homes, Ponies and the long tapestry of the great beyond are at stake.  For the thing that has become me, this could indeed be one of the greatest achievements of our species.  Just so depressing that in these sentences I am constrained by facts and must use the words "consumption," "cash," "Ponies" and "bland."  Fortunately, around this day, something like two thousand five hundred and twenty years ago, Lord Mahavari attained Nirvana, which in some translations means he was "blown out," but which comes to us as "stillness of mind after the fires of aversion, desire and delusion are gone."

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