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Thursday November 22nd 2012    Tim Candler

     Of the two nighties I am currently engaged to, there was in my mind a debate about which one to take with me on the long journey.  It was a debate that saw me quite happily through two shifts at the Fulfillment Center, and on my way home from work last Sunday, I had decided on the Reindeer nightie, because my other nightie can, if I am seen wearing it, sometimes discourage  positive opinions of me, and you never know when there can be a fire in one of those Hotels that for some extraordinary reason boasts free breakfast and a something they call coffee, but which probably is a confusion of meaning, and when a person is outside of his own county it's best to be polite.

    Suffice to say that I forgot to pack either of my nighties.  Which I think explains much about the nature of our world.  Had I given no consideration whatsoever to how I might appear to others, I firmly believe I would have had my own nightie to sleep in during the several nights that I was away.   Fortunately I was in contact with The Artist and without so much as a second thought she offered me her "Karma is as Karma does,"  tee shirt to sleep in.  Which, shall we say does not cover the knee, and which is blue in color, and which she herself, I have noticed, does not wear when out and about amongst strangers.  Either way, the child was very, very small and very adorable. 

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