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Sunday November 25th 2012    Tim Candler

     I'll thank what ever it is that rules the universe for tomorrow being Monday.  It's more likely a number than it is anything with wings, but I guess there are those bloody minded enough to insist otherwise.   As for me, I am elderly, and because there are those much younger than I who have made a practice of frailty, I was today sent to a more heavy lifting part of the Fulfillment Center, where I was required to wear one of those bright orange Day-Glo vest type things while moving wooden pallets around. 

    The theory is, that while wearing one of these vests a person is less likely to get run down by a fork lift truck, which are electric, and almost silent, except for the fork lift truck horn, which can probably be heard as far away as the Hardware Store.  And if you're standing two inches away from this horn when it sounds, it pretty much sends a being into that cataleptic condition, which might be familiar to those of us who have explored the literature on schizophrenia, with special reference to what the professionals have the nerve to call "illogical patterns of thinking" and "hallucination."

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