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Saturday October 13th 2012    Tim Candler

     Trial by God, indeed.  And,  if I was God I would outlaw the mirror.  I would remove it from creation, and anyone who attempts to invent it, will be struck with the full mightiness, and here I don't mean just lightening bolts, I mean the entire panoply of stricken-ness, an entire Swat Team from the mind of Dante.  And I say this because there is an arrangement of mirrors in the bathroom, past which one should not walk naked unless it's pitch dark.  Astonishing resemblance between my own shriveled arse and that of an aging Chimpanzee, who might also have once been a boy, instead of whatever it is boys turn into as they approach final dissolution.  A "Still Small Voice," I always thought it would be, not this bastard reflecting device, which now that I look around seem to be all over the bloody place.

     Walking Stewart had similar ideas to the Ateso People.  Like them he had an understanding of dissolution, which I guess he gleaned from the Tamil People.  A body for the Ateso would follow the Lead Bull off into the night, and most beautifully, it would return again as a child.  Walking Stewart's own return would be, if not a person, then some other creature.  And while I have mention the Ateso dream of dying more often then once, and while I understand that missions of the One God from both Mecca and Bethlehem  have probably ripped out so beautiful an idea from the Ateso mind, I also know that because I live in the New Christendom, and am employed by it's Fulfillment Center, lusting after N-scale model train sets is a liberty expected from me.  Nor will I succumb to the temptation to following my  fellow Aquarian into the phrase:  "The only man of nature who ever appeared in the world."  Because that way lies laudanum.  "Give me a String Bean, I'm a hungry man. Shotgun sound, and away I ran." To quote Bob Dylan, and whoever it was took this photograph.

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