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Sunday October 14th 2012    Tim Candler

     Much activity amongst creatures of both land and air who at this time of the year obsess upon nuts.   There's the more traditional burying of nuts in likely places, that sort of dotting around, followed by long pauses so memory might come into play, from Fox Squirrel.   I'm pretty certain The Artist's Chipmunk has secured both a major and a great many minor hoards, though I try not to think where these caches might be, they contain peanuts I know.

     Amongst Blue Jays, this year, there is what I will call a reluctance to conference.  I have yet to see them traverse the sky in wandering crowds as they have done in past years, sometimes wending westward, then as though following a panic in leadership, wending eastward.  But the Apple Tree still calls to one Blue Jay, he can be seen diligent around its trunk.  He'll place his nut on the cut grass while he beaks open a chosen spot, then when his nut is safe from predation by others, he'll pause a while to feel rather pleased with himself.

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