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Friday October 19th 2012    Tim Candler

     I have to run to the feeling that Walking Stewart would make a most terrible House Guest.  Not because he wouldn't be interesting, rather because he just wouldn't shut up, he'd leave a dreadful mess in the bathroom, he'd eat with his mouth open, which I have found irritates the hell out of The Artist, and for some reason I have this conviction that he'd hardly sleep at all, which would mean he'd spend his night creeping about the house knocking things over.  As well I get the feeling he would be the kind of person who would play with things without being invited.  The Artist's tractor would end up in the creek, and far worse I'd find no batteries in the device that remotely controls the television set.

     However I am pretty damn certain he'd write a 'Thank You' letter, which would be about three pages of nothing in particular, and would end with a pithy and honest remark on the nature of his visit.  Depressing to say it, but I spend more time than is healthy wondering what that remark might be, which suggests I am possessed of some sort of a worship of a person who died almost two centuries ago.  And this places a dilemma upon this year's Winter Solstice celebration, which was to include the translation of some part of Walking Stewart's written work into Assyrian cuneiform.  An error I begin to think, because I'm not certain either of the Solstices should be about people, or about worship. 

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