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Sunday October 21st 2012    Tim Candler

     In the past twenty four hours I have heard some excellent music and some absolutely appalling music.  The one kind of music made me want to throw back beers, drink in the world, smile at the agony of being alive, toss my head with Viking fearlessness and raise a cheer for bars and garages where better music is made than anywhere else in the world.  The other kind of music made me want to slit, if not my wrists, then someone else's.  And just so as you know this other kind of music wasn't that genre where the funny hat appears not to be optional and is loosely referred to as Country Music.

     This other kind of music played through the loudspeaker at work at around noon, about five yards from my head and loud enough for the entire acre to hear.  It wasn't the usual mix of light and dark, from Chubby Checker through the odd Constipated Chick to Dylan and the Rolling Stones. This other kind of music was some sort of gold digging spawn which would have made Jesus, in whose name it was sung, look for a second opinion on the actual purpose of his ordeal on the cross.  Lets hope for his sake this other kind of music is just a passing fad, otherwise I am very convinced the Good Lord will put an end to us all.

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