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Tuesday October 23rd 2012    Tim Candler

     It's probably the case we all live in fear of inadequate income.  Which is not easy to define, because I have found 'inadequate income' is one of the more subject measurements, because around where I live, it includes such things as Cable Television, vacations in Cancun, regular meals, as well as Eye-phones, or whatever they are called.  I would argue that the source of this subjective measurement, is based upon the idea that if  we can't look out for ourselves then no one is going to look out for us, or a fitness test which presumes upon indentifying 'fitness' as possessed of adequate income, and 'fittest' as being possessed of a greater adequate income than anyone else..  And this probably is why, in recent discussions here in the United States, the issue of 'climate change' has been pretty much ignored.  Which suggests to me that this fear of inadequate income, however objectively the measurement is made, becomes the primary challenge to an understanding of  Earth as finite.

     There is an  idea that our ingenuity and our fantastic-ness will continue to divide the cake into larger and endlessly larger slices.  This idea contains a faith, which, oddly enough was published  in manageable form in the year 1776, by a Scotsman and social philosopher called Adam Smith, whose thinking continues to provide the fundamental theory in modern "Economics."  A discipline which has its own canons, its own verses, its own quarrels, which stem I guess from Adam Smith's own understanding that his thinking was "Political Economics," certainly not "science."   Faith has been often at odds with emerging lessons from physics, and from mathematics, but 'faith' melds nicely with an idea of a guiding hand under which the more interesting questions are always taken care of and have been back through the generations to Eden.  Then as I see it, if you put aside the eccentric opinion that our species is capable of reinventing itself, the solutions to fear of inadequate income from our leaders are essentially as follows.  Either fewer and fewer will get more and more of whatever it is income provides.  Or, more and more will get less and less of whatever it is that income provides.  With us, solace has always been found in faith, and faith is often better defined as a quality of blindness.  And just so you know, faithlessness is often far less predictable and therefore less stable in its search for idea.

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