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Friday October 5th 2012    Tim Candler

     Thank the Good Lord for the community of Little Spider in the room where I sleep. Not certain how many of them there are, so I have to assume there at least several of them. The Bigger Spider, the lonely one that wears slippers, and who runs around the table and across the floor in the hope of pouncing on her food, was never able to outwit a single Fruit Fly, unless she did so in the dark when no one was cheering her on.  Perhaps while some of us were sleeping, or maybe just lying there trying to avoid consciousness.

     The Little Spider approached the problem in a very different way.  Her web, I'd argue is more a product of sheer luck than of Euclidean geometry.  Some might think it carelessly conceived and very far from ever becoming a decorative accent.  But her web is so much more than a simple afterthought that can catch a breeze, which from the corner of an eye can interrupt decaying concentration in a sometimes alarming manner. And sometimes I too have thought that life would be fairer if Fruit Flies were larger.

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