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Thursday September 13th 2012    Tim Candler

    Both William Morris and Martin Heidegger had the idea that Technology was evil.  At least Morris tried to do something about it.  But neither of these great men used the word 'evil,' preferring instead to see mechanization as something like a thief that so insinuated itself into the day to day of  the simple folk, that we mislaid an element in our lives that I'll gently call 'an important element,' because otherwise the definition begins to include diatribe and stamping of foot, long explanation with evidence in the appendix, which does neither of us any good as we try hard to fill the space between here and the end time in a manner that does not include holydays in Cancun, or Paris or on the Water Slide in Bowling Green. 

    Worth accepting that I too am not a great believer in the species I belong to. Or perhaps, I'm  not one who has faith in it's future.  Which puts my God somewhere amongst the known unknown's.  And while he might be almighty, he is certainly more like an equation than he is like an inscrutable poker player, or a shepherd, or a political operative, or head of the secret service, or goodness.  But, just because it's here and now that we live and have our own being, it's sometimes insufficient to look at the Mockingbird and say, "Yes, he's my friend," when generations ago I might have been able to tell you, "Yes, he's quite tasty if you know how outwit him."

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