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Sunday September 16th 2012    Tim Candler

    September does not have an "ides" on the fifteenth. The Roman Calendar was more lunar in it's origins, so the "ides" of September fall on the thirteenth.   The "ides" of October, however, is due to fall on the fifteenth.  So that's another thing to place in the future, where it might lurk for an hour or two before completely disappearing from that part of mind which might still  be called 'memory' by the delusional or fortunate.

    Much more hard hitting, and certainly more enduring will be September sixteenth of the year two thousand and twelve.  It was today I read that Fish Oil, most likely does not meet the claims made on it's behalf by generations of quacks, school doctors and other such propagandists for the fishing industry.  It was called "Cod Liver Oil," I think I  remember.  It came by the spoonful.  And why any one in their right mind ever thought that oil form the liver of a North Atlantic Cod had benefit to health and well being, I no longer have to think about.

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