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Wednesday September 19th 2012    Tim Candler

   The political campaign here in the United States is suddenly exciting for all of us, because it has provided the opportunity to address Pyramid Questions.  Not the wonderful and nuanced "Why build a Pyramid?"  That would be too much to hope for. Rather the "Did Pharaoh build his Pyramid" question.  And the answer to this second question appears to be either, "Yes, he did," or "No, he didn't." 

    Certainly in his dream of himself, those bits and pieces that make a person, Pharaoh might well gaze across the plain, at the final wash of whiting, which would glint under a blue sky, and he might believe, "Yes, I built my pyramid."   Then he might look down from his gilded cage and across to the thirty thousand workless men who might be wondering why they built his pyramid.  

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