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Tuesday September 25th 2012    Tim Candler

     The Great Black Wasp, or what we who have a familiarity that sounds intimate reduce to GBW, have dug their holes,  made their mess and the barn is now a more peaceful and very much safer place through which to tip-toe.   After laying and providing for their egg, or maybe eggs, a GBW buzzes about for a little bit, then succumbs to what we'd all  prefer to think of as a sense of satisfaction, of mission complete, of a job well done, rather than that cold hand of purposelessness, that precedes depression, or chemical imbalance, or seasonal change.  Which leaves a headless corpse of a GBW, and a chance to more fearlessly examine the structures of flying creatures, with special reference to wing and stinging part.  And here I think what's most noteworthy is how light and elegant a GBW feels when compared to the corpse of the smaller, compact Wasp that recently granted me so fine an opportunity to  feel the breath of my own end time, ponder the big questions and again realize that life in all it's forms is nothing more or less than variations of "The Question Why?" 

    Evolutionary Biologists, and Religious Leaders, and Captains of Industry, will probably disagree with such an apparently desolate assertion.  But, in one way or another each of these constituencies have an idea of an answer, which naturally puts them at a huge disadvantage.  Indeed, it's the case, particularly within my own species, that the content of the word 'truth' is demonstrably constructed to widen the parameters of purpose, rather than belonging to a moment, when nothing else matters, or an end time, which is how I have learned to relegate 'truth.'  "The Question Why?" however just continues, on endless and glorious in and of itself, and because it assumes a material form in the panoply of living things, there is an argument which too often falls to a suggestion of something that knows the answer, or has an unrequested and usually demanding plan.  Rather than the more real, great unknowing, or GU, which actually provides life with community, generosity to time and that sense found in the word wonder before it takes the form of something like an I-pod, or a pork chop, or social mobility, or a village or whatever your equivalent to an electric train set might be.

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