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Wednesday September 5th 2012    Tim Candler

    Hard work has been done in the field of gene sequencing, and for some minds this hard work has produced more hard work and even more confusing ideas.  In one idea, the tree of life  has two main branches.  One branch went on to become Bacteria, the other branch divided once, then  produced the rest of us.  It's an idea that gives all of us a common ancestor somewhere down there in the trunk.  This common ancestor would have been that first collection to gather the ingredients necessary to join what language also tries to define as 'life.'  The estimate is, this ancestral moment occurred around three and a half billion years ago.

     But, in the search for evidence, this common ancestor theory has its black holes.  Which has resulted in a concept of  multiple ancestors, one such idea suggests three kingdoms, or domains, each with its own unique ancestral moment.  As well there are theories that postulate a creative force driven perhaps by loneliness or boredom.  And on it goes through magical mystery after mystery, told by both ancient and more recent minds grappling with the phenomenon of living things.  I have to mention all this because thirty five years after it was launched, Voyager One travelling at a million miles a day, is just now leaving the last influences of our sun, on its way out of the Solar System.  Aboard the craft, are sounds of earth that include a baby crying, a Whale singing and Chuck Berry's "Johnny B Goode."

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