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Thursday September 6th 2012    Tim Candler

    Dentists and everybody else, strikes me as an obvious social distinction.  As well there are Cops and Robbers. Then there are those who can make telephone calls and those who cannot.  There are Sheep and there are Wolves.  Yet inevitably, such divisions are subject to the blur of imagination, because meaning is often more useful than it is true.  I, for example, hope to one day wake up as a wolf.  Then I'll know what's best for my own teeth, and I will be able to pick up the telephone, dial a number, say "hello" without first enduring that sort of stress I imagine a bank robber experiences just prior to capture. 

     But I think my point is probably better appreciated by those who are members of the political class.   A group I feel very safe in assuming will always include Dentists, Sheep, Wolves, Cops, and Robbers.  And it's a group I know, from personal experience, contains the ability to make telephone calls, say "Hello" and then ask for a contribution, otherwise the world will certainly end before this coming Winter Solstice.  And too, just like me, it's a group for whom meaning is clearly much more useful than truth.  As for example in the defining of life, freedom, greed, laziness, marathons, mathematics and so on. 

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