An English In Kentucky


















Friday April 19th 2013    Tim Candler


    The Rabbit of Usk is struggling with the seasonal change. He's got himself stuck in the desert, and there he is, yearning for winter so that he might again control his destiny by dominating my thinking.  He had this moment with a Leopard when he was a young Rabbit of Usk.  She followed him when he escaped from his boarding school. And now she's suddenly back  to haunt him.  It's so confusing.  And there's a strong possibility my head will explode, "flip out" along with the Cedar Rust Galls.

     How much simpler it is to pick stones from the Vegetable Garden. And I have found that a galvanized metal bucket works best. This way when you toss the stone up into the air there's the reward of hearing it land with a tin crack sound.  A sort of 'loud plink' of satisfaction, that can sometimes aggravate fellow gardeners. And when it rains an inch of rain, the hole in the bucket has an unpremeditated usefulness.


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