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Sunday April 21st 2013    Tim Candler


    Average rainfall where I live for the month of April is around four and a half inches.  Next month the average is around five and three quarter inches.  And this year we are doing OK for rain.  A North East Wind in April clears away cloud, turns the sky very blue,  and brings chances of frost.  A South Wind brings up warmth, and as it does so it offers a little protection from the Sun.  A West Wind gives chances of rain.

     Today wind is from the East.  The air has a chill.  The sky is very blue.  The sun has a brightness  that requires blinking and moments of stillness when you come inside otherwise you bump into things, and knock stuff over.   Then there are sunglasses, which are often difficult to find, but worth going to the effort otherwise a glint from the breast of a Tree Swallow or a dew drop will blind you momentarily.


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