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Tuesday April 23rd 2013    Tim Candler


    Crayons are not something one expects to find while digging holes.  A person can expect to find bits of pottery, glass, flattened beer cans, tractor parts, door hinges and the odd Potato rock.  He can expect nuts, bolts, useful looking springs and bits of wire.  A pair of pliers that he thought someone had stolen from him,  nails, but not crayons.

     There have not been crayon people round here for a great many years, and this particular crayon looked in remarkably good shape.  It's a yellow.  Might even come in handy, and I would have kept it had the white feather not reappeared in the barn.  It was there in it's usual spot, and I am absolutely beginning to believe that there's an Elf with nothing better to do in springtime than  mess with my mind.


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