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Wednesday April 24th 2013    Tim Candler


    It's a rain day, with wind.   And when you see 'mostly clear' and 34 Fahrenheit there's a good chance of some kind of frost tomorrow night.  And too, the men and women in the high chairs anticipate this clear night and chill will be accompanied by a slight west wind, which might be of encouragement to those of us who insist patching frost is an east or north wind blight.

     However, some of us already have Oregon Spring in the garden. It's an early Tomato which a demon has persuaded The Artist, 'does just fine in the cold.'  As well there are little things here and there poking their way toward a vision of fulfillment.  And maybe one day I too will end up in a salad spinner or boiling water or mashed with something that's not even remotely related to butter.


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