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Thursday April 25th 2013    Tim Candler


    Recently, in the far reaches of what I guess is called "The News,"  there have been a number of references to research projects on a  'life crisis' that hits a being in 'later life.'  The observation has been made that "two or more stressful life events" trigger a mental and emotional crisis in two out of three people between the ages of sixty and sixty five, who then may have to seek help from the professional class, which I suppose would be the class of psychologist.  Apparently it's "nothing to be ashamed of."

     I'm going to quote Dr. Oliver Robinson who claims the later life crisis..."precipitates... a couple of years of struggle to find meaning in life, questioning yourself and your identity.." He goes on to add: "If you handle it badly it can accelerate your decline."   My own contribution to the research is to offer myself as someone who has been stressed out by meaning for well over half a century and who despite having handled it all very, very badly is somehow still here.


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