An English In Kentucky


















Saturday April 27th 2013    Tim Candler


     Time Space is one thing.  It's not two things.  And thanks to a star system that's seven thousand light years away from earth, I still have to think of gravity this way.  I am happily walking along toward a Dove. Something catches my attention.  It's over to my left, and I think it might be a Yellow Chat. And I can't help myself but tense up and creep toward what might be a Yellow Chat. 

     Now if I was physics, I would say the mass of a Yellow Chat puts a slope in time, down which I roll toward the Yellow Chat.  I know the Dove is still over there, but the Yellow Chat is not often seen.   Then if the Yellow Chat moves away, the slope he's made in time for my attention also moves away, and I turn back and move toward the Dove.  Trust me, we're not complicated.


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