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Tuesday April 9th 2013    Tim Candler


    The line between the menace of Moles and the evil of Voles, is a very thin one.  If you have Moles in the subterranean caverns, they frighten away Voles.  If as a result of a blind rage that led to a murderous interlude, which resulted in your Vegetable Garden Mole being dispatched, then Voles soon dominate.  And very obviously, Voles are little yellow teethed demons that adore Spinach, and  like to travel the underground superhighways nibbling off the feet of Carrot simply because they are able to. Not a blatant act of vandalism that might be expected from a Mole.

   I dream of the day when we can all get along.  When each of us shares, and the idea of 'mine' drifts toward Barbary, as the running Hyenas are silenced permanently by their own petard. From the Latin, 'peditus,' which in Latin days meant 'to break wind,' before ever it became a temperamental bomb for knocking out a castle gate or doing way with a  Shakespearean character, or a French word for marijuana cigarette.  Meanwhile I have sent letters to the High Council of Kestrels, and to the Wigwam of Barred Owls, pleading for their assistance.  Kestrels however, are currently obsessed with copulating and Barred Owls have asked me to remove all fences, leaving only the fence posts, which is just so damn typical of them.


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