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Monday August 19th 2013  Tim Candler


     Amongst Primates there is the family of Lemurs. They are described as small, arboreal, and nocturnal. And they have the big eyes, good eyelash, a long tail and a long thin snout, and most Lemurs are very, very adorable to look at.  The word Lemur comes from the Latin for a frightening specter that had to be exorcised from a person's home, otherwise all sorts of terrible things would happen.

    A Fetch is an Irish word for a particular kind of ghost. Fetch is thought to be a person's ghostly double, and those who see a Fetch are probably near the end of their time. But my favorite word for these sorts of thing are the Psychopomps.  Psychopomps were Ancient Greek ghosts who would escort a person into the afterlife. Few words were exchanged I am told, and none of those words judgmental.   And of course, here in Kentucky we have the Whip-poor-will, whose role is to capture the fleeing souls of us mortals, keep us listening to the soil we live upon.


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