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Thursday August 1st 2013  Tim Candler


     More recently, we end of the world aficionadas have been glued to the "End of the world as we know it by  Solar Plasma Eruption"  hypothesis.  2012-2013 is, or was, a peak time for our star's eleven year cycle. Some of us had keenly anticipated a plasma burst of five hundred year proportions directed at our planet by an angry sun.  I personally looked forward to communicating by the mail carrier with any and all  internet providers and an end to the utility bill.

    Of all the things in the universe that are nearest and dearest  to us the sun is the most likely to discipline us.  It has the potential to produce a disgruntlement in the ether that will rob us of electric power grids and their peripherals, creating  momentous damage, and returning us to something like the eighth century AD.  Billions of us might survive radiation poisoning so that we can die of starvation, and there will be no television  to watch while we wait.  Otherwise it has been a good couple of days rest for me.


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