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Tuesday August 20th 2013  Tim Candler


     The barn has a resident Velvet Ant, or perhaps more than one.  Some days ago I noticed a couple of outraged Hornets of a kind that were new to me. They were Scarlet and Black and very dangerous looking. They had glued themselves to a Velvet Ant, and I guessed they were protecting their burrow from her ovipositor, or just fed up with her trundling around like an aimless Mzungu.  Have to say, I am a big fan of the Velvet Ant, it's scarlet and velvetiness, so when I saw a Velvet Ant in what I guessed was distress, I did a little poking with a stick.

     Probably madness on my part because both Hornets and Velvet Ants have that potential to give me my chance at the centeredness of the Near Death Experience. Some days ago, however, I was remarkably ignorant, because I'd assumed boy Velvet Ants were pretty much like girl Velvet Ants. I didn't know that boy Velvet Ants have the wings. And I have heard of a Velvet Ant that's not Scarlet and black, It's white and black, and it's known as a Panda Ant.


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