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Wednesday August 28th 2013  Tim Candler


     Delighted to report that The Rabbit of Usk has finally bitten another quest at Pen-Y Fal. And yes, the body part bitten was again a big toe. And I guess there must be something about the shape and size of a Rabbit's biting parts that makes the big toe a natural thing for a Rabbit to bite.  I mean, a shin or a leg just seems too awkward a surface for a Rabbit to really get his mouth around.  And it is also the case that these attacks by the Rabbit of Usk are not necessarily preceded by murderous intent, so leaping for the throat is quite out of the question.

     This time The Rabbit of Usk's victim was King Offa, whose rivalry with Alfred for the title First King of England, I have alluded to a number of times over the past several years.  And worth noting too that in nineteen seventy something King Offa had been dead for thirteen hundred or so years. Anyway, I'm excited, because I can call this second bite by the Rabbit of Usk, progress. Or if you prefer I can call it, furtherance of narrative.  Both of which are the process of structure.  The way I get from here, to there, without losing touch with the real. Which, if I might be forgiven for saying, is you.


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