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Friday August 2nd 2013  Tim Candler


     General Patton, insisted soldiers under his command in the North Africa campaign of the second World War, wear neckties and leggings along with their steel helmet. His reason was to prevent injury from Spider and Scorpion bites. And, I am told, General Patton thought lace up leggings also useful to prevent Rats from climbing up underneath a trouser leg.

    In my own campaigns against the outdoors, I have begun to use socks over the trouser leg to discourage Tic and Spider. I don't believe a Rat has ever attempted to climb my leg, and I have some confidence that if such a thing had occurred, I might have noticed.  Sock of any color, over trouser leg is not an attractive look, suggests I am possessed by a number of perversions. But the necktie while in the outdoors, is something I am seriously considering. Not a glamorous red or a yellow one, because those two colors attract the attention of Hummingbird Youth.


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