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Friday August 30th 2013  Tim Candler


     If I consider a definition of the word  Religion, it invariably results in some sort of nonsense that combines "all knowing," "Intelligent," "Creator," with the words "bigot," "irrational," "unquestioning," "cohesion" and "cretinous."  And it all ends up not reflecting my thinking about the word Religion in any way, shape or form.

     I prefer to think of Religion as using the word "believe," with all its fragilities, to combine with  idea, in a manner that acts upon the mind as a "balm" from the horror and happiness, the joy and frustration, that arises from the often desperately inconsolable fact of being alive and present. Why the word "balm" might piss any one off, I do not know, because mathematics is also a "balm."


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