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Friday August 9th 2013  Tim Candler


     Of dreams recently, the more curious have had to do with Tortoise.  And it is very obvious to me that from somewhere in the ether a diabolical sect has sent a Tortoise to contribute to my nightmares.  I find it sometimes glued to the wall.  I have heard its Morse Code on the keyboard. In the symbols of dream, a Tortoise means 'impossible task.'

     Fortunately I believe it to be a reluctant emissary. It smiles at me occasionally. It potters cheerfully around in the vegetable garden where I am haunted by Pox on the Tomato, billions of beans and a mosquito the size of a Bald Eagle. And  I have caught my Tortoise reading from the Atlas.  Page ninety five.  Islands of The Polynesians.


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