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Sunday December 22nd  2013  Tim Candler


      Always get that sense of relief when I can put in my mind an idea that daytime is lengthening.  Whether this sense of relief is a self imposed neurosis, a badgering of mind against the indignity of having to wear more socks in order to deal with cold, a longing to eat Banana straight off the Banana tree, or whether this sense of relief is an attunement to some kind of magnet that pulls and pushes at me, a lay line deep in the earths crust, a spiritual connection to a great beyond, I have no clue because I try hard to refrain from indulging a megalomaniacal  impulse.

       I do know that the idea of circles really pisses me off.  The looking up in wonder, the chanting, the pleading.  All of it no more than a creepiness, that to my mind is primarily designed to inculcate a prejudice that persuades the disparate to adhere to a manipulating oneness.  This oneness is then raised into the air as a true thing, around which to submit. Without which, the argument goes, there'd be chaos. I of course will be going to hell, where, when I am not wailing, I can happily gnash what remains of my teeth.  Nonetheless I heard a Wren pretending this warm morning was springtime, and she is so much wiser than I.


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