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Friday December 27th  2013  Tim Candler


      So we got the six foot blow up snake.  It's design comes with a ninety day if not satisfied guarantee, which no longer applies because it has already once put the fear of god into me. It was on the carpet downstairs, sunning itself.  You're supposed to  peg it into the ground amongst fruiting bodies, to avoid it being taken by a breeze, but apparently if it stays put, it'll discourage pesky behavior from the closer and equally delicate neighbors.

       Between us, The Artist and I have come to agreement that we'll wait until the new season is well on it's way toward bloom, before being tempted to introduce the snake and its guarantee to the outdoors.  Late March if we are lucky.  It's the Mockingbird's reaction we are both anxious to see.  Then we'll float it on the pond for the Frogs to have fun with.  Meanwhile  the snake is tethered to a rocking chair, and staring out the window in fierce anticipation.


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