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Monday December 30th  2013  Tim Candler


      Any word with the idea 'neuron' contained within it, must for some minds, necessarily reflect a nucleated cell body with one or more dendrites and a single axon. These structures are 'impulse conducting cells' not found in plants. And so, for some minds "neurology of plants" is just so much nonsense, because plants don't have 'neurons.'  In response to this old farted-ness, those proposing a new paradigm for an understanding of living things have come up with the word "signaling" as a surrogate for 'impulse conducting neurons.' And I have an aversion to the word 'signaling,'  so I'll be unable to support its use.

       And there are some who might suggest my aversion to the word 'signaling' results from a little bit of a sulk in me that follows a  rejection of my own alternative to both 'signaling' and 'neuron' which remains 'disseminating meaning from the slope.'  The letter itself was quite polite. It thanked me for my support, suggested I navigate to the 'donate' page, which my judges assured me was adequately secured by the most trustworthy of algorithms.  It then wished me a "Happy New Year."  All of which I thought rather quaint.

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